Commercial Service:

We have completed projects within a wide variety here in local industrial areas including healthcare, research facilities, professional services, fashion environments, retail stores, restaurants, you name it. We’ll help you make your business and your environment in new ways. We create inspired environments that enhance both client perceptions and employee productivity.

Multi-disciplinary approach in most of our commercial projects. Clients find that addressing their facility needs turning over to other business gems as for corporate branding, communication design, as well as for other environment changing purposes in order that affect the ways to their interact with clients. We help you make sense of your “gem” and offer creative design solutions impacting how your employees see themselves, the clients and the corporate world around them.

You see, minor Details offers quite comprehensive range of interior design services, likes of:

  • Architect collaboration
  • Project coordination
  • Lighting design & products
  • Paint coordination & custom treatments
  • Space planning
  • Materials & finish specification
  • Colour palettes & consultation
  • Window treatments
  • Custom flooring, carpets & fabrics
  • Plumbing products & bath accessories
  • Art, accessories & decorative details

 Just remember, we are only one phone call away.

Creative Interior designs interior spaces for living and working. Interior performance can be measured in human and organizational terms.

Residential Interiors:

“Creating a home is about the gathering of things we love over time.  A home should visually tell the story of our life.  It should represent more relevant things about who we are, where we’ve been and what we value.  There’s no denying that we are all drawn to beauty in its vast and varied incarnations.  A gifted designer is one who can simply help your home better reflect, well, YOU!”  – Scott Neste

For people who couldn’t care where they are going then, any road might do.  Only passionate home owners have the time, patience and of course funds to take the circuitous and unpredictable route.  And we help you assess that is important to you, source and consideration of your available options and help you build the desired roadmap to guide your destination.

This all starts with thorough listening, discussion and an initial of sound consultation.

You see, minor Details offers quite comprehensive range of interior design services, likes of:

  • Residence Interior Design,
  • Home Interior Design,
  • Apartment Interior Design & Decoration,
  • Living Room Design,
  • Master Bedroom Design,
  • Child Bedroom Design,
  • Exclusive Bathroom Interior Design,
  • Kitchen Cabinet Design,
  • Restaurant Interior Design,
  • Showroom Interior Design,
  • Architectural plan
  • Indoor and outdoor landscape
  • Interior design and decoration consultancy service

Just remember, we are only one phone call away.